A Moment on Irrigation

Irrigation System
Irrigation System

Facing droughts throughout the year and dying patches of grass happen in Texas. This increases the demand on homeowners to water their garden and landscapes daily otherwise they would die. Without the appropriate amount of water and nutrients, any newly planted flowers, fruit trees, and grass just can’t make it. It’s for that very reason why it’s so important to be sure you are out there watering your lawn daily whether by hand or by an automatic sprinkler system.

Fortunately, those that have an irrigation system like the Hunter sprinkler system, it saves them lots of time from water the lawn, saves money on water, and brings value to your home. I remember having to move the hose around the yard with a sprinkler attached to it. I would set a timer on my phone and have to go outside to relocate to another side of the yard. It seemed somehow my grass was still dying in the summers despite my attention and efforts. Once I switched to an automatic sprinkler system, all that worry, stress, and time was saved. I no longer had to set appointments to water my corner lot. My sprinkler system would start automatically in the morning, and when I woke up the job was complete. Even better when it rained or had been raining several days, my sprinkler system wouldn’t turn on. It’s like it knew it had rained and my grass enjoyed the water and nutrients from the rains, and I saved even more money on water.

Irrigation is a means of supplying water to your landscape. This is so important if you want to have a gorgeous backyard. If you’re interested in saving money on water while enjoying a gorgeous garden and lush green grass, then you should definitely consider getting a professionally installed irrigation system.

Irrigation Tips

Garden Sprinkler System
Garden Sprinkler System

To maintain your sprinkler system it’s important to walk around and assess for signs of leaks in your system. I like to run my system quarterly and evaluate for this because even a small leak will add up in cost and water waste. Sprinkler companies can also do this for you too if you don’t want to be involved. Another thing I like to do is check once per month is the irrigation controller. I will adjust the controller to account for any weather changes. Some sprinkler systems automatically do this for you like the Rainbird sprinkler system. Not all sprinkler systems have this feature.

If your sprinkler system does not have rain sensors or a rain shutoff device, I would consider getting those additions to your system. I hate wasting money and when its raining and I see neighbors with their sprinkler systems running, I just shake my head. You save so much money long term with a rain sensor feature.

Another important tip in regards to when to have your system running, you should water your lawn after the sun has set or before the sun has risen to avoid evaporation loss. I see some neighbors have their systems run in the heat of the day. That is such a waste since much of the water will be evaporated. If you have any questions regarding your system, be sure to speak to a licensed sprinkler specialist.

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